Saturday, June 18, 2005

NEWSFLASH: Fringe stage across from infringement Central

BACKGROUND: The infringement festival was established last year by artists who were either denied access to the Fringe or who didn't want to pay hefty fees to perform. Now in its 2nd year, the festival has over 60 acts, but the anglo media is not giving it very much coverage, despite covering he Fringe in detail with teams of critics and journalists.

NEW: The Ste Ambroise Montreal Fringe has set up a stage immediately in front of the infringement festival's central location at BARFLY (4602 St. Laurent), causing a cultural situation of an unusual nature. The noise emanating from the Fringe stage (which includes boy bands, screaming mimes, and other Fringe performers) is disrupting performances scheduled at the infringement central and upsetting patrons.

NEXT: Call 583-3378 (JC McLean) to stay on top of the story. The artists are planning their next move today.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A letter to the editor of HOUR

This is in response to the letter to the editor by Michael Black, published in HOUR Magazine and here on his blog.

Dear Editor,

I was touched to see Michael Black taking us on a trip down memeory lane in his recent letter ("You Might Enjoy Our Fringe Coverage Pages 29-31, page 5, HOUR June 9"). Of the current "dysfunctional family" Fringe program, Black laments that "I don't see things that jump out at me, unlike a decade ago where a family from the West Island did a show about Dr. Seuss."

As the director and co-author of "Who Ran Off With Dr. Seuss" presented by the Wahoo Family Theatre Company at the 1994 Fringe, I cannot agree more that the nature of the festival is nothing like it was when dedicated artists, myself included, did everything in our power to create and maintain the Fringe as a fertile ground for artists and their wild imaginations.

After the word "Fringe" was trademaked in Toronto (1998), the festival quickly declined into a pale shadow of its former cultural glory.

Luckily now there is the infringement festival, a place that is sure to delight Mr. Black. With over 65 acts from Montreal and beyond that capture the spirit and creativity of the bygone Fringe era, Mr. Black may well come to realize that the arts aren't dead yet in Montreal. Not only does the infringement have an air-conditioned central location with cheap beer, free pool, and live music from Noon - 6 every day at BARFLY (4062 St. Laurent), but it also showcases artists of all stripes who would support the 21st Century concepts of arts democracy, non-hierarchal organization, critical performance, celebration of otherness, and the end of pay-to-play for artists as we know it.

Most of all it is a strong family of dedicated artists and activists - just like it was at the original (pre-trademarked) Montreal Fringe. Critics and journalists should take note too - the infringement festival deserves coverage and support - especially with so many critical acts such as "You'll Never Piss in This Town Again" by transgendered Bostonian performer S. Bear Bergman.

I certainly hope to see better coverage in HOUR, who apparently forgot to mention the festival at all in its theatre column last week. For more information please visit:

Donovan King, Artistic Facilitator
Optative Theatrical Laboratories

Art is not a mirror to reflect reality, but a hammer with which to shape it." - Bertolt Brecht

infringement Festival Communiqué


Communiqué du Festival infringement - le 14 juin

Le Festival bat son plein et tout le monde est invité à notre "matinee madness" de midi à 18h à notre centrale, Barfly (4062 St-Laurent) tous les jours jusqu'à la fin du festival.

Venez faire la fête, rencontrer d'autres artistes, installer votre spectacle sur scène, apprécier des bouteille de bière boréale à tout petit prix et soutenir le Festival Infringement. Ai-je mentionné que nous avions des groupes jouant en direct à 16h?

Nous demandons aussi à nos agents if de s'arrêter au Barfly et de venir nous rencontrer avant de rejoindre leur poste pour la soirée.nous recherchons toujours de l'hébergement pour certains artistes venant de l'extérieur. Si vous avez un lit ou un canapé de dispo, appelez le 583 FEST aussitôt que possible.


infringement Festival Communiqué - June 14th

The infringement is in full bloom and everyone is invited down to matinee madness from noon until 6pm at our infringement Central Barfly (4062 St-Laurent) every day until the end of the festival.

Come celebrate, meet other artists, plug your shows from the stage, enjoy cheap Boréale bottles and support the infringement.

Did I mention that we’ve got live bands performing at 4pm?

Also, we’re asking all if agents to drop by and meet with us before going to their stations.

We're also still looking for billeting for some of our out-of-town acts. If you've got a bed or couch that you wouldn't mind sharing, please call (514) 583-FEST (3378) as soon as possible.

Jason C. McLean
Montreal's Second-Annual infringement Festival
June 9th-19th, 2005

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Hermit joins the infringement and Juliet and Romeo move dates

Hermit, from Vancouver BC has just been added to the infringement lineup:

Also, Juliet and Romeo: A Critical Look at the World's Most Famous Luv Story has been moved to Galerie Fokus on Sunday, June 19th, more to come !!!