Wednesday, August 18, 2004

RNC NYC Fundraising Concert and Trip (August 18th General Communiqué)


As many of you may have already heard, we're going to
New York to protest the Republican National Convention
on August 29th.

To raise funds to get buses and people down there,
Artists Against War is putting on concerts in Toronto
on the 18th and 19th of August and in Montreal on
August 25th (with a third concert in New York itself.

The Montreal concert takes place at The Green Room
(5386 St-Laurent, corner St-Viateur, officially known
as the Mile-End Cultural Centre) with 12 acts on two
stages and costs $10 for the whole night.

The show features Randboro, Chariot of Shame, Danny
Michel, Dwayne Morgan, Rita BiGheat, Demon's Claws,
Wood (Ivan Freud, Dave Lines of Motherfunkers and
Dylan Maxwell of the Green Party), Gods of Taste, the
Dead Dolls Dancers, David Fennario and more to come.

We're still looking for people to help out with
postering, etc.

Please contact Gary St-Laurent at for
more details. Also, you can check out

All funds raised will go to renting buses to bring
people down.

For those interested in the trip itself, the first
meeting of the NYC Organizing Committee will be held
at 6pm on THURSDAY (Aug 19th) at the Casa del Popolo
(St. Laurent). We need help with:

(1) postering and publicity
(2) co-ordination with NYC
(3) filling the bus
(4) getting the bus
(5) finances

etc. Please come and help out!

Please contact Matt Jones at
for more details.

Hope to see as many of you at the concert and in NYC
as possible,

Jason C. McLean
Chaos Organizer - The infringement Festival (Montréal)

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Thanks for infringing!!!

Welcome to the infringement Festival blog!

Here's a few of our more recent communiqués, feel free to comment on them. New ones will be posted here soon along with a bunch of other stuff.

Don't worry about "becoming a member", just post anonymously until I get it fixed,


August 5th General Communiqué

Hey all,

Just thought I'd refer you to a letter I wrote to the
Montreal Mirror's editor about les Panthères Roses

Pink Panther props
As Chaos Organizer of the Infringement Festival, I would like to support and sympathize with les Panthères roses ["Radical Pink," July 29] for their efforts to fight the corporate ownership and control of yet another fun and artistic celebration of liberation and freedom.
It seems like we're in the middle of some huge pillage and resale of our culture's most poignant elements of resistance and free thought. This is a new type of segregation where what was once thought of as different and dangerous is now accepted, only because someone can make a buck off it. Resistance in its purest form is still taboo, therefore, this isn't a step forward at all.
Now the pride movement is getting co-opted just like the fringe movement has been in recent years. Voices like those of les Panthères roses need to be listened to now more than ever if we are to reclaim our culture.
I would also like to thank your paper for coverage of this group and of us. Considering you are a sponsor of both Divers/Cité and the fringe, it's good to see that your editorial board is independent.

» Jason C. McLean, Chaos Organizer, The infringement Festival

And to the article on the group itself:

Their interests are similar to the festival's.

Also, we'll be releasing our schedule of off-season
events soon (I'll keep you posted).

If you want to make an event you'll be doing already
an infringeAGAIN event, please let me know,

'till next time,


Sunday, August 08, 2004

July 17th General Communiqué

Greetings, one and all!

Once again, I have good news: The Subversive Theatre Collective ( of Buffalo, NY will host that city’s first-annual infringement Festival in 2005!

This means that next year, there will be an infringement Festival Touring Circuit, and, as always,all are welcome to join. We’re still looking for other cities to join the ones already confirmed (Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and now Buffalo) so please pass this message around to anyone you know who might be willing and able to start aninfringement Festival. Details on how to get started can be found here:

Those who wish to get an early start can always start their festival this year.

Once again, I'd like to thank all the wonderful people in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto who helped out with Car Stories and the infringement. Also, if anyone has photos of the Montreal or Toronto festivals this summer, or of Car Stories in Ottawa, please e-mail them to

On another note, Optative Theatrical Laboratories (one of the infringement hosts in Montreal) will be in New York City as part of Theaters Against War (THAW) to participate in theatrical protest for the RepublicanNational Convention on August 28th. Those interested in joining us should contact

And speaking of THAW, people representing that group were kicked out of the Toronto Fringe Beer Tent last weekend. We find this reprehensible and have started an online petition:

Things seem to be shaping up nicely for us and next year should be a blast! Once again, thanks and hope to see you all soon,

Jason C. McLean
Chaos Organizer The infringement Festival (Montreal)