Monday, November 21, 2005

OTL Announces Buy Nothing Day Jam

American Apparel is not as friendly as you might think they are. While they might not use sweatshop labour in their production, which should be a given instead of a sellpoint, they have created a different kind of sweatshop in Downtown LA and around the world.

Their ads, touted as empowering and liberating, are actually playing on an old advertising standard that victimizes women. These attitudes are mirrored by CEO Dov Charney, who has been accused of sexual harassment at the workplace more than once.

American Apparel has vigourously fought attempts to unionize it’s production faclility in downtown LA, even visiting workers at home and forcing them to attend anti-union rallies.

“Knowing that the company has bullied its workers, and that sexism pervades from the ad department up through the office of the CEO, it becomes clear that American Apparel is different only in degree, not kind, from its competitors.”
– Ari Paul, In These Times

American Apparel was born here and as proud Montrealers, we feel it is our duty to let everyone know that we are not about the exploitation of women, union busting or cloaking business-as-usual garment-industry capitalism with activist chic.

This Buy Nothing Day, November 25th, Optative Theatrical Laboratories will expose the theatre behind this conglomerate by performing in an undisclosed American Apparel store in the greater Montreal area.

OTL has been jamming the monoculture on Buy Nothing Day since 2002, last year’s performance of Death By Latté by Bill Talen inside two Starbucks locations galvanized the patrons and produced a short video documentary and drew attention.

For more information please contact (514) 583-FEST (3378) or or log onto