Saturday, June 18, 2005

NEWSFLASH: Fringe stage across from infringement Central

BACKGROUND: The infringement festival was established last year by artists who were either denied access to the Fringe or who didn't want to pay hefty fees to perform. Now in its 2nd year, the festival has over 60 acts, but the anglo media is not giving it very much coverage, despite covering he Fringe in detail with teams of critics and journalists.

NEW: The Ste Ambroise Montreal Fringe has set up a stage immediately in front of the infringement festival's central location at BARFLY (4602 St. Laurent), causing a cultural situation of an unusual nature. The noise emanating from the Fringe stage (which includes boy bands, screaming mimes, and other Fringe performers) is disrupting performances scheduled at the infringement central and upsetting patrons.

NEXT: Call 583-3378 (JC McLean) to stay on top of the story. The artists are planning their next move today.


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