Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Report from Christiania (January 10th)

infringement performance activist Donovan King is in The Free City of Christiania, in the middle of Copenhagen, Denmark. He is reporting daily on the resitiance to attempts by the Danish government to shut the city down...

The people of Christiania do not live a subsistence living - the area is probably too small to grow food for all its inhabitants, and they do move into and out of Copenhagen whenever they like.

At the same time, the Sunshine Bakery makes delicious breads and treats (the Danes loves to eat sweet breads at breakfast).

At the moment, I am in an area (Christianshavn) that has been cordonned off by the POLITI (police) - apparently due to a bomb threat.

I was going to get some milk for the coffee, and had to pass under a police tape. On my return, the POLITI said I was not allowed back to where I am staying.

Luckily, I managed to convince them, otherwise I'd be standing on a cold street corner with a carton of milk while my associates wondered what happened to me.

Apparently the Danish citizens are concerned that they are "next" on the terrorist hit-list, not unfeasible given the Danish participation in the Iraq war, and the ongoing Bush bootlicking carried out by the right-wing government.

Nowadays, I am told, there is an atmosphere of danger and any unattended bag is suspect. Anyways, I am personally hoping that this bomb threat has no substance, otherwise, I could be in serious shit if the thing goes off.

There are actually trucks outside that send TV-robots into sewers, so maybe the threat is under ground.

*** LATER ***

Well, it seems the bomb threat was a false alarm.

Apparently as white car was viewed as suspcious for some reason, and was eventually towed away by POLITI.

On the 5 o'clock news the anchor was asking the reporter if the threat was tied to Christiania. She said "no", rolling her eyes at such speculation.

Tonight I am going to movie night at the operaren...

- Donovan King (in Christiania)


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