Thursday, September 08, 2005

Thanks to all the friends of Car Stories NYC

This weekend's run of Car Stories NYC was great, but it wouldn't have been possible without the support of some wonderful people. Thanks to all those who made played in the show and everyone who helped us out.

Special thanks to Brian, Ross and infringement New York (also thanks to Brian for lending us his car), Michelle, Carrie, Tim & Tomoko, Mike and Max for housing our players, Kasai for showing us the real New York that you won't find in any tourist brochures and ensuring that no one got lost, Nicos, Eric and Matt for getting us there and back in one piece and to Nicos, Kathleen and Roni for running back and forth with updates during the show.

Also thanks to Pete, Dragana, Karen and all those who came out to see the show and played as spect-actors with a special mention to Elaine Dear, who gave the most energetic performance of the run.

And thank you to everyone who helped raise funds to get us there and back.

Car Stories plays next as part of les journées de la culture, so if you can make it out to Montreal the last weekend of September, you're more than welcome to hop in for the ride. Check out for updates.

We'll be back in NYC for next year's infringement Festival, but if you'd like to keep Car Stories going in the Big Apple before we return, please contact

Once again, thanks to all, it was a blast !!!


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