Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Report from Christiania (January 9th)

infringement performance activist Donovan King is in The Free City of Christiania, in the middle of Copenhagen, Denmark. He is reporting daily on the resitiance to attempts by the Danish government to shut the city down...

I just returned from Christiania and Monday nights are pretty dead there. I was hoping to attend another meeting, but alas, there was none to be found.

The police patrol until midnight I am told, and I witnessed two cops harassing a young woman. I moved in a bit closer to see what was going on, and saw a cop intimidating here, saying something in Danish with the word HASH at the end of the sentence.

Translated, I imagine it would have sounded something like "Hey, what were you smoking? Where is your HASH?????".

Christiania TV is now loaning out video cameras to document police harassment and brutality. There are also 2 weekly papers (in Danish only) that discuss these issues and show photos. Tomorrow night is the Christiania TV screening night, so that should be interesting.

I have also spent a bit of time wandering around Copenhagen. Apparently some rich dude, Maersk, forked over tons of money for an opera house, but only if he could build it right next to a historic castle.

Sure enough, there it is spoiling a beautiful historic view by being situated right at the end of an important historic street. It is a monstrosity of architecture.

- Donovan King (in Christiania)


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